Old Lanwarnick

Old Lanwarnick’s story

Old Lanwarnick is listed in the Doomsday book of 1086. So, we know that people have been farming in the peace and quiet of this valley for over 900 years.

The Old Farmhouse was built in the 17th Century and has been home to the farmers tending to Old Lanwarnick right up until 2007. The surrounding barns and stables gave shelter to the cows, pigs and horses too. As well as providing a dry place to store harvested crops and make flour and cider.

In 2007, the farmhouse, barns and stables were lovingly converted into luxury holiday cottages, and have since provided shelter for weary travellers in need of rest and relaxation instead. But the spirit of Old Lanwarnick is still present for everyone to see, in the original features of The Old Farmhouse, the high barn ceilings that remain throughout the converted cottages, our resident rescue ducks and chickens, and the sheep and lambs bounding in the fields that surround the farm.

Old Lanwarnick

Our Story

We spent 20 years in London, working in the City, and running two businesses while raising two children (and two dogs). And like everyone, we took every opportunity to escape from the noise and stress of everyday life to make happy memories together.

While visiting family in Cornwall, we would spend idyllic summers and cosy winters breathing in the fresh sea air, taking in the scenery, and finally feeling our shoulders relax. We’d all make the most of the space – the children getting back in touch with nature and the dogs running freely, and we would all return home happy and refreshed.

We dreamt of moving here for good. We looked around properties, just for fun. But nothing was ever quite right, and our friends teased us for being all talk and no action. Then, one day, we found Old Lanwarnick.

Tucked away on a sunny slope with incredible views across the quiet valley beneath, we fell instantly in love. We made an offer straight away, and finally, our dreams of living the Cornish lifestyle came true.

Today, we can honestly say it’s been the best thing we’ve ever done. We go paddleboarding in the morning and spend evenings cycling through the country lanes. And all day long we enjoy amazing views wherever we look. As a result, stress is a thing of the past, even working full time, thanks to the magic of Old Lanwarnick and the Cornish countryside.

Now we want to share that magic with you. So you can get the same feeling we did all those years ago and return home from your Cornish holiday happy, refreshed, and feeling like a weight has fallen from your shoulders.

Want to find your own pocket of Cornish calm? Book your holiday cottage at Old Lanwarnick today, and we can become part of your story.

Old Lanwarnick

What’s important to us


We know how important it is to make happy memories as a family, so we’re here to help you make yours extra special.


We go out of our way to make sure everything is easy for you while you’re staying with us.


We’ll make sure you have a luxurious home-away-from-home experience, so you can truly relax.


We want to create a retreat that’s sympathetic to people, nature, and wildlife, both here around us and in the wider world.

Old Lanwarnick

What’s included in your cottage