A tasty experience

The proprietors of Old Lanwarnick, Vicky and Matthew Brown, take time out to visit some of the breweries and orchards that can be found close by. Sampling some of the wonderful tipples that are being crafted by some exceptional individuals they report back on what was for them, a tasty experience.

In no particular order here’s what they found out.

St Austel Brewery Tour and Sampling

St Austell Brewery

“Learning about the family-founded and locally-run business was fascinating. They shared the company’s history, the ingredients they use, the brewing process and the all-important tasting experience. We had always thought that St Austell Brewery only produced their traditional ales and Korev lager, but we discovered that they also create small batches of innovative beers for their Cask Club, which are sold exclusively to select pubs. One interesting fact we learned is that their larger glasses have rough-edged criss-crosses at the bottom to generate more bubbles. The tour was packed with such intriguing details! We were amazed by how small the actual brewery is, considering the quantity of beer they produce, and learned that the brewery’s location was chosen due to a local spring.” 

Cornish Orchards Cider Making Tasty Experience

Cornish Orchards

“The tour guides you through the history of Cornish Orchards and the cider-making process. They have a very structured year based around the apple harvest. You can witness where the apples are delivered and how the apple river is used to transport them from the drop-off point to the machine that extracts the juices and then on to the bottling plant, where heavy metal music is often played! The area where they store vats of fermented apple juice is surprisingly vast. However, it’s cleverly concealed from passers-by, meaning its visual impact is minimal. The size and location of the vats also contributes to their ability to regulate the temperature during the maturation process.! I never used to drink cider until I went to Cornish Orchards!”

Loee Vineyard Wine Tasting

Looe Vineyard

“We have been on a few winery tours in the past, but this one was very different. It is a small vineyard of just four acres, started in 2008. The tour was divided into three parts: how they grow the grapes, how they process them and the all-important lesson in wine tasting! Charles, the owner and a former school teacher, ensures that the tours are educational and informative, making you feel like you are part of his winemaking journey. The tours are conducted in small groups, allowing everyone the opportunity to ask questions.

It’s truly impressive that this small local vineyard, staffed by just three people, produces so many bottles of wine.”

Camel Valley Vineyard

“After trying their wines, I decided we had to visit the vineyard to learn more! This fascinating family-run vineyard spans about 17 acres. Their passion for winemaking shines through on their relaxed tours.

The tasting takes place on a terrace overlooking the vineyards in the valley – a perfect spot to sit and enjoy the views on a sunny afternoon with a glass of wine. My favourites are the Bacchus and their sparkling wines. It’s wonderful to have such an award-winning winery right on our doorstep.”

Knightor Winery Vineyard Wine Tasting Experience

Knightor Winery

“We haven’t been on one of their wine tours yet, but we have attended tastings at both Trethurgy near St Austell and Portscatho. The winery at Trethurgy offers amazing Sunday lunches, while The Wine at Portscatho provides relaxed dining and delightful charcuterie boards.”

A tasty experience, in conclusion

“Our journey through these local breweries, orchards, and vineyards has truly been a delightful adventure for our taste buds. From the intricate brewing process at St Austell Brewery to the vibrant cider-making techniques at Cornish Orchards, each visit offered unique insights into the craftsmanship behind these beloved beverages. The educational tours at Looe Vineyard and the award-winning experiences at Camel Valley Vineyard left us with a greater appreciation for the local wine industry. Although we haven’t yet toured Knightor Winery, their tastings and culinary offerings have already won us over. We highly recommend taking the time to explore these local treasures, each promising a distinctive and flavourful experience. Cheers to discovering and supporting our local producers!”

Why not book a stay at Old Lanwarnick so you too can follow in Vicky and Matthew’s footsteps and have ‘a tasty experience’?



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