A sustainable holiday in Cornwall

2023 is the year to experience a sustainable holiday in Cornwall. Put aside the notions of cold, concrete hotels, of a lifeless lobby and scratchy sheets. Say hello to a sustainable, family-run selection of cottages deep in the wilderness of Cornwall. You’ll be surrounded by rolling green hills, forest walks, delicious eateries and beautiful local businesses. In short, you’ll find the perfect sustainable holiday for you and the family.

Why stay at Old Lanwarnick?

Here at Old Lanwarnick Cottages we pride ourselves on the care and attention we put into looking after our environment. Not just on our doorstep, but of the wider world. We have seen first hand the damage that excess can do to our surroundings. From excess littering, to excess food waste, electricity usage, and automobiles. We are doing everything we can to minimise the damage caused by such things.

When you stay with us at Old Lanwarnick Cottages you can be sure you’ll be staying with likeminded people. Conscientious business owners that do whatever they can to help our planet. We have even installed solar panels across our cottages, with excess energy being stored in batteries across the site. Our aim is power as much as we can from these panels, rather than from the grid itself. 

Holiday cottages at Old Landwarnick.

Do you drive an Electric Vehicle?

We encourage the use of electric vehicles, too, being a more sustainable mode of transport. With this in mind we have installed electric charging points onsite for your electrical vehicles. This is ideal for charging up the car overnight ready for your adventures the next day, of which there will be plenty thanks to some amazing sites that surround our little spot of land.

Just a short drive away you will come across The Eden Project. This incredible eco centre is full to the brim with experiences and educational tools that help explain the relationship between humans and nature. They show the power of working together, for the benefit of all living things through their biomes, talks, exhibitions and interactive experiences. You can spend the whole day exploring the Mediterranean Biome, filled with plants and wildlife that gives you an idea of the flora and fauna from locations such as Italy, Australia and California. In contrast, you can also visit the Rainforest Biome.

A hot and humid alternative that is jam-packed with lush green flora from SE Asia to South America, you won’t need a warm coat for this one! We love visiting the Eden Project as it always gives us new, inventive ways to build on our sustainability ethos at Old Lanwarnick Cottages. It really is a must visit for anyone venturing to Cornwall.

Charge your electric vehicle at Old Lanwarnick

Explore nature from your base at Old Lanwarnick

If you are interested in diving head first into nature itself, then why not check out Millendreath sea pool. This semi-natural tidal pool is a safe haven for those wanting to experience Cornish waters. Whether you visit in the cooler months or the scorching days of summer, this pool is ideal for the whole family. By making you feel at one with the natural world, you are more likely to respect the vital role that nature plays in our life. Here at Old Lanwarnick, we believe it goes without saying that waste should be recycled correctly. On site we have all the facilities you need to dispose of any rubbish conscientiously.

We encourage guests to respect our communities, respect our land and our wildlife. This means disposing of any waste that you make, rather than leaving it behind. Even the smallest elements of plastic can seriously harm the environment. This environment is something we want you to enjoy when it’s at its best! Especially on the many walks and cycles you can partake in. From cycling the Camel Trail, to walking the South West Coast Path, there are miles and miles of exquisite land for you to explore, to get back to nature and experience the peace and tranquillity that any eco-stay should offer.

Stepping Stones in the woods

Sustainable dining near Old Lanwarnick

For those that opt out of eating meat, there are also many dining options in our neighbouring towns and villages. The rise in vegetarian and vegan meals on offer in Cornwall has risen dramatically in recent years, with studies showing the benefits of consuming less meat. The Hub Cafe in The Liskerrett Centre, in Liskeard, offers delicious vegetarian dishes, as does Sam’s On The Beach, The Lookout and The Lugger, to name but a few! 

At Old Lanwarnick Cottages we encourage our guests to make the most of their stay with us by being adventurous, inquisitive and respectful. If this sounds like you, be sure to book your eco-stay today and immerse yourself in all that Cornwall has to offer.



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